Funeral Guide


The Diocese of Penang has made available burial plots and columbarium niches for parishes on the Island that does not have cemetery/burial ground or columbarium niches of its own.

Burial plots are situated at the Penang Island Balik Pulau Cemetery.
Niches are available at the new columbarium of the Western Road Cemetery.

Burial plot and niches are sold only upon death and reservation is STRICTLY for spouse of the deceased only ie. if the husband passed away reservation can be made for the wife or vice versa.

Burial plot is STRICTLY by sequence (eg. if last no. use is 8 then the NEXT one shall be 9)

    Compulsory required documents:-
  • Original Burial Permit (Blue colour) – for burial only.
  • ⦿
  • Photocopy of Death Certificate
  • ⦿
  • Photocopy of deceased’s NRIC
  • ⦿
  • Cash payment of RM3,000-00
  • ⦿
  • Application for a reserve plot/niche will require additional upfront cash of RM3,000-00 in which a single receipt shall be issued for both payments.
  • ⦿
  • Application form is to be duly filled and sign by the applicant (immediate family) and the parish priest with the parish chop.

Payments for the above does not include tombstone for grave and marble slab cover for niche.

The applicant shall pay and deal directly with the stonemason authorized by the Penang Diocese. Engraving of details on the tombstone/marble slab shall be in compliance with the requirements of the Cemetery.