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Sometime in the year of 2013, a “worker in the Lord's Vineyard” was reflecting on that Sunday's Gospel Reading (Matthew 25:41-46) that inspired him in moving forward to answer the call and to get involved in the ‘Wellbeing of Prisoners’ .
That Week’s Herald Publication on Evangelization from the the K.L Archdiocese Prison Ministry was a further reaffirmation and endorsement of “The Call”.
Trusting that the Lord was by his side, he ventured alone in a Journey of Faith and started preparing the Initial Proposals for the setting up af a Prison Ministry at CDM Penang. One thing led to another and soon the Leaders and Core Team Members of the K.L. Archdiocesan Prison Ministry had a very fruitful Meeting with some Interested Volunteers from CDM, who had a similar desire to Reach out to the Inmates in Prison.
God’s hand was upon all the effort that was put in and soon, every detail concerning the Setting Up Of The Eventual Penang Diocesan Prison Ministry just came together smoothly including the acquiring of the Prison Permits for the CDM Team.
Trusting in this Divine Intervention, the aforesaid vineyard worker approached CDM’s Parish Priest, Fr. Martin Arulandu, and after receiving the go-ahead from him as well as the approval from His Lordship, Bishop Sebastian Francis of Penang Diocese, it has been a Rich Faith Journey for all who have been part of this Ministry till today.
May God Bless all the sacrifices of the PDPM Members and convert it into a Rich Harvest of Souls in all the Prisons and Related Rehabilitation Centers, we are reaching out to.

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