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Penang Diocese Vocation Team

The Penang Diocese Vocation Team of the Penang Diocese exists first and foremost as a response to Christ's invitation to 'ask the Master to send out laborers into His harvest'.

Our Mission

  1. 1.
    To bring to awareness the various religious communities that are in the Penang Diocese.
  2. 2.
    To foster a culture of vocations.
  3. 3.
    To help young people to be aware and discern their vocation in life; Priesthood, Religious Life Married Life and also being single for the Lord.

Our Rationale

Most young people don’t know how to listen to and respond freely to the call of God, because  
  • There is not enough vocation awareness at every level in the Diocese.
  • They are also affected by the secular world.
  • Parents are overly concerned and anxious about their children’s future, their need to get work with big salaries, and what they would benefit from.  
Most parents do not understand well the meaning of vocation and consequently, they don’t encourage and help their children to think about vocations.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Diocese Vocation Team is to inspire and assist the Penang Diocese in fulfilling its mission of fostering a positive vocations culture and, in particular, encouraging young people to consider vocations. The Penang Diocese Vocation Team will do this in three ways:  
  • By encouraging prayer for vocations
  • By fostering an awareness of the different Vocations in the Church
  • By facilitating participation in Vocations Events

Our Team Our Team

Rev. Fr. Louis Loi.jpg

Fr Louis Loi

Director of Vocations


Emmanuel Dorai


Anne Lee Hooi Chin